Four Hours


I slammed the door behind me, I was Knackered, drained from the long walk.

The sun had been remarkably angry. It’s ray poured  out its venom with so much Fretfulness. I’d walked the entire two miles from central station and gosh, I hate this city. No one would stop to offer a lady a lift. I miss Lagos.

It was 2pm and all I could think of was a bubble bath, very cold drink and a journey into oblivion.

I opened the tap and let water fill the tub while I fix a cold glass of wine.

I looked at the time and 20mins had past already; a reminder that I had less that four hours to leave for work.

‘If only I had a man, a strong African man in this harsh country that never forgives insolence’.

I shrugged off the thought and lowered my light weight into the tub and watched as my body was covered in the bubbles.

‘I wish I could live here for ever’ I thought to myself.

It was 2:56pm.

The thought of going to work crept  in …. I momentarily shut my mind and all I could hear was a loud silence.

My mind began to drift away until it was filled with sultry thoughts.

‘It’s absolutely okay to think this way’ I said to myself, aloud.

‘I’m human, a grown woman and my desires are my responsibilities but how can I build a relationship with this lifestyle. This is absurd, absolutely so.

I thought about the beautiful relationship I had with Tunde back in Lagos and I couldn’t fathom what went wrong, I long for him.

A knock on the door brought me back.
I hurriedly washed off the bubbles on body, slipped into a robe and went to see who it was.

He stood there smiling, I smiled back but with a little bit of curiosity.

“I’m truly sorry Dami. Sorry I barged in on you but I wanted to surprise you”

“That’s okay” I said, wondering if he’d been in Maricopa county all these while.

“I just got in from Illinois  this morning and I thought I should pay you a surprised visit” He continued.

“That’s very thoughtful of you Roberto”

Roberto was a co-staff in a job I had two years ago. We had a salient thing together. He’d help out with my work as soon as he was done with his and he never asked for anything. A few times, he’d bought me lunch but never made a pass at me.
I liked him or rather, I grew fond of him. I didn’t see myself having an affair with a Mexican so the thought was short lived.

“Come on in Roberto”

“Lovely place you have here”

“Thank you. So what brings you to Arizona?” I enquired

“Grey Hound bus” he said laughing.

“Oh please come off the sarcasm” I said  smiling.

“I came with my team for an official assignment and we’re due back tomorrow morning”

“Awesome. What would you like to drink?”

“Wine would be just fine”

“You know what, make yourself at home. Grab the glass and do it yourself, I have to go finish up what I was doing”

It was 4.25pm already and I had less than two hours to go.
I went back into the bathroom but this time, I let out the water in the tub and stayed in the shower for a few minutes.

I thought about Roberto and why he came to my apartment. Did he visit out of courtesy or does he truly like me as I’d imagined in the past?

What if he made passes at me? What if he asked me out on a date? What if he told me that he’s been in love with me.

I smiled awkwardly and walked out of the shower. I put on a decent dress with no intention of sending the wrong vibes and went back to the living room.

“Good?” I asked

“Perfect” he relied

We talked for so long that we hardly knew we had spent that much time.
It was 5.27pm and I need to start getting ready for work. The bus arrives at exactly 6pm and The bus stop is 6mins away.

I looked at Roberto laughing so hard and for the first time, I noticed how cute he was; his fierce, firm arms bulge out  from his fitted shirt. He has the nose of an angel, his abs moved with every rhythm created by his laughter and his dimples could hold a few drops of water.

“Roberto, you’re very cute” I said to him without thinking.

He stopped laughing, his gaze fixated on mine.
“I thought you’d never notice it” he said, rather arrogantly.

I smiled.

“Dami, I never stopped thinking about you. I couldn’t tell you how I feel about you then because I didn’t want to risk a sexual harassment suit”

I smiled and for a second, I thought I’d never seen anyone this innocent. His honesty was near-tangible.
“I like you too Roberto” I said unconsciously.

It was 5:38pm.

He stood up, slowly took my hands, pulled me up and with what seemed like magic, he planted the most sensual kiss on my lips. My mind wanted to resist but my hand crawled up to his head. I exerted as much pressure as I could to press his lips a little harder on mine; I was lost.
He walked his hand up the tip of my nipples and sent a shock down my marrow, I grabbed the top button of his shirt, tried to unbutton it but it was too hard, I ripped it. The animal in me had been let lose, I knew it and he obviously did too.
In one swipe, he took off my gown, exposing my already unstrapped bra, he yanked it off and with so much intensity, like a Lion trying to devour his prey, he reached out for my pant and tore it, I have a lot of them so I didn’t mind.
He reached out for his jeans, unzipped it and let it down, revealing the most gorgeous manhood known to mankind. I grabbed it and looked into his semi-closed eyes and could literary see joy in them.
He placed his hand between my thighs and I shivered.
“Take me now please Roberto” I whispered
He lowered me on the sofa with my eyes directly on the white clock on the wall; it was 5:53
In one swoop, i pushed him off, reached out for my dress, wore it in a minute, grabbed my bag, reached for my room, grabbed the keys…..

“Thanks for stopping by Roberto, My bus is due in 5 minutes
We walked outside, I kissed him gently on his cheek and ran to the bus stop.


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