She looked me straight in the eyes and said,

“‘I’m not your type, so stop coming to me and look for people in your class”

Those words still echo in my ears  every time I took a journey into time.

I was in 200level in the university of Jos studying Structural Engineering and Ene, a sociology undergraduate with Ahmadu Bello Univerity Zaria.  Ene and I both Lived in Low Cost Housing Estate, Northbank, Makurdi.

Ene is a sinfully pretty lady with a gorgeous smile. She possesses perhaps the most beautiful legs ever and something tells me that she deliberately loves to flaunt them.

Every evening,  Ene, dressed in skimpy skirts or shuts  would take a walk with her brother, through the narrow path just by my window and from over four hundred meters to mine, my gaze would be fixed on her, watching, monitoring, appreciating and admiring every step she took. She was, to me, a goddess.

I looked forward to seeing her every evening and It more-or-less became a ritual. As she approaches my house, I’d make a majestic exit and position myself where she’d notice me but I could have sworn that she never as much as made a flicker towards me.

The need to have her notice me metamorphosed into an uncontrollable obsession.

”I have all it takes to be Ene’s boyfriend’’ I told myself a zillion times, until I systematically psyched myself into believing it was right for me to have her.

One evening, a year later, during one of the very long annoying strikes by universities, the rare opportunity I’ve longed for rare its head and I went for the horns. I looked through my window and saw, as always a uniquely glamorous angel strolling down the walk way, only this time, she was unusually alone.
I literarily flew to my room, picked up my best shoes and in what seemed like a flash, I was out and ready to confront my ‘destiny’, Ene.

Amidst the noise pouring in from my surrounding, I could hear my heart beat the loudest. It was a marriage of fright, anxiety and uncertainty. I could have sworn that my systolic had risen to two hundred or more. I tried suppressing the anxiety but the more i did, the more obvious it became. I finally succeeded in making the first step that’d lead me to the ‘meeting’ of a life time and each step felt like a log of wood had being attached to my legs.

In what seemed like eternity, Ene walked by me and I said perhaps what would have gone into the Guinness book of world’s records as ‘the world’s most in-audible ‘hi’.
She walked along as though living in oblivion. Her gauze was fixed on her destination. She wasn’t distracted by me or any other and her headphone made matters worse. Thoughts flooded my mind as I watched her take each step.

‘How can anyone be this beautiful, young, yet so confident?’  I thought of what kind of song she was listening to. She looked even more beautiful from behind.

She’d walked probably two hundred meters away before I realized how stupid it would be to allow this opportunity slip away. I hurriedly walked to her and this time, only death could have stopped me. I said hello but a little too loud. It startled her but she stopped non-the-less. ‘Now is the moment’ I said to myself, subtly.

”Hi’ I said

‘‘Hello” she retorted, gazing straight into my eyes, probably wondering who’d be stupid enough to run after a lady this way.

”My name is Seun and needless introducing yourself, I know you’re Ene. I’m sorry I had to do this this way but you mind if I walk with…..”

”Yes I do” she interrupted and continued…..”And I also dislike low lives like you who disrespectfully run after ladies on the street. Let me ask you this, how often do you do this and what gives you the impression that I’m one of those cheap estate girls you flock around with? Let me state this very carefully and hopefully I never get to repeat it again, I don’t like you, I’ll never like and worse still, I’ll never think of liking you, not now, not any time soon and never. I’ve been expecting this from you for a long time now and you’re lucky I’m in a good mood today. A bit of advice to you though, I’m not your type, so stop coming to me and look for people in your class”

She walked away and left me standing there wishing I had telepathic powers. I was too embarrassed to leave so I watched her image fade away. For several minutes I kept asking the same question,

‘’what the hell just happened?’’

For months before the strike was called off, I only dared to steal a glance at her through my windows and I could have sworn that she caught me one evening looking at her because she hissed so loud, I heard from my room.

My crush has suddenly become my nightmare.

I was so glad when the announcement came that the strike had been called off. It was the most cheering news ever. I went back to school two days later and practically buried my head in books. I wasn’t going to go through the experience with Ene ever again. I was determined to stay off ladies and divert my energy and time to making the best grades possible.

I finally graduated with honors and I was ready for the world after school. I went back home and spent six months before my service. Incidentally, Ene did not come home. A part of me wanted to see her and another dreaded the idea. I was posted to Portharcourt for my service and deployed to Shell Petroleum. At the end of my service year, I applied to be retained and I was. My joy knew no bounds.
Four years slipped by and I recorded nothing short of remarkable growth on every side. I had become a perfect description of a successful young man. All was looking good until memories of the past were let lose by an unforgettable encounter.

I was in Lagos on a visit to Emeka’s; a friend and a colleague.
Emeka is that man you’d love to be around, about five feet nine, broad shoulders, light unblemished skin, a lover of fun, humorous and above all, very intelligent. We call him ‘the man with the ability to interpret any engineering drawing’.

Emeka’s love for the opposite sex however, leaves little to desire. I’d humorously asked him to seek help and humbly toe the path of Tiger Woods but his response left me speechless.
‘‘If woman don mess you up before, you no go dey pity for them as u dey pity for them so”

Now back to my story.
One evening, Emeka and I went to visit one of his numerous so-called girlfriends, Maryam, a skinny looking girl with the eyes of a gazel. He promptly introduced me to her with the same line he’d done others.

‘‘Meet Seun, my yoruba brother with Idoma background, Shell big boy, most gentle bachelor, Seun, meet Maryam, my one and only angel”

I thought to myself how lucky Emeka was to be surrounded by so many ‘Angels’.

Minutes later, Emeka went into one of the two rooms with Maryam and I was left to entertain myself with an interesting movie I wasn’t interested in watching.
Suddenly, the other door opened and a pretty lady in shuts and a transparent top walked into the living room. Momentarily, I thought it was all a dream or simply an illusion and I was going to come back to.  There we were staring at one another without uttering a word, I was going to rise and say hello or perhaps offer a hand shake but I couldn’t feel my legs. She stared at me for so long as though trying to process the image before her and eventually, Emeka broke the silence.

He walked into the living room and gave her a hug, turned to me and said,

”Seun, meet Ene, fine Idoma girl and Ene, meet Seun, my yoruba brother, Shell big boy and the most gentle bachelor”

“Hi” she said

“Hello” I responded.

Twenty minutes later, Emeka and I left the girls and I couldn’t get my mind off the event that just took place.  I was filled with affection for her, yet the rage and near-hate I have for her was suppressing it.

‘Could  this be happening for real?’ I asked a million times.

Two days later, a friday, I went to see Emeka and a few other colleagues of ours at our facility in Marina Lagos and Emeka suggested that we ‘hang out’ with friends at the close of work.

“Make I check which babe go free this evening sef, make I organize one for you too” he said.

I smiled and didn’t utter a word.
We joined the boys at Michael’s a lovely bar on Adetokunbo Ademola street in Victoria Island and a  few minutes later, Maryam and  Ene walked in.

Emeka pulled Maryam to himself and said
”Seun,  abeg help me keep Ene company”

We sat there for a few minutes apparently with nothing to talk about and I decided to break the silence.

”What’d you like to drink or eat or….?”

”Anything” she answered.

”I’d rather you place the order ma’am ”

”That’s fine by me” she said

I kept mum for a while and asked.

”What do you do now?”

”Still searching for a job”

”How long have you been in Lagos?” I asked

”Over 2 years now”

“Wow. What did you study and what grade did you come out with?” I enquired

”Sociology and I came out with a second class lower.  What about you, what did you study and how long have you been in Lagos or were you born here?”

Curiosity took a better of me at that point and so much began to play in my head. ‘Is it possible that she didn’t recognize me or is she just playing a smart one on me?’
I pondered for a while and I answered.

”I’m a structural Engineer and no I wasn’t born here but in Jos” I said Jos because at least I could appropriately answer any question that relates to Jos.

‘‘Wow” she yelled. ”I was born very close to you then. I was born in Makurdi, Benue state. Have you been to makurdi?”

”Not exactly” I lied.

At this point I was going to yell and remind her that she’s the same bastard that assaulted my manly ego, bruised my soul with her disdainfully hurtful words and here I am a lot better than her father or any other in her lineage. …….

”Well, not exactly because I only pass through Makurdi sometimes to Lagos”

”Oh wow. Anyway, that’s where my parents live”

”Great” I responded.

We went on to talk about just any and everything.

We all retired  to Emeka’s later that night and while Emeka went into his room with Maryam, I showed Ene to the guest room and went to the room I’ve been in since I got there. An expression on her face when I showed her to the guest room reflected that of a surprised human, oblivious of my intentions. I could have sworn that she expected me to admit her into my room.  I said goodnight to her, went into my room and meticulously sat on my bed.

That night went as one of the longest nights I’ve had. My mind became a wild field of thoughts.
‘How could someone be so proud yet so vulnerable? Why didn’t I take her in last night and rupture her pride?’
A barrage of unanswered questions lingered in my heart as I woke up to a knock on my door.

”Who’s there?” I queried


‘‘Ok a minute please”

I went to the living room and met Emeka and both ladies fully dressed and waiting for me at the dinning.

”O’boy, wetin dey do you?” Emeka asked. ”Time now na 11 o’clock and u still dey sleep”

”Bros, I slept late, I’m sorry. You guys can continue while I go freshen up a little”

Minutes later I was back to the living room and we all spent time watching movies and both ladies left at 6pm.
I went back to Portharcourt and as hard as I tried to get her off my head, I found myself thinking about her every second.
One beautiful morning, just as I was getting ready for work, my phone rang and behold it was Ene.
I’d collected her number but deliberately did not call her.

”Hi” she said.

”Hi” I responded

”Did I do something wrong?” she asked

”Absolutely not”

‘‘Ok…. I was wondering why you didn’t think it was appropriate to call me”

‘’I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve been very busy lately’’

‘’hmmm. Well I thought to know how you are and if work has been good’’

‘’I’m doing very well, thanks’’

‘’ok then, I’m glad you’re doing good. I’ll call you some other time then’’

‘’That’d be nice. Ene would you love to come pay me a visit in Portharcourt this weekend?’’

Those words left my mouth before I could think. For a few seconds, she kept mum but it was apparent that it came to her as a surprise and she needed it to sink in properly.

‘’I don’t know yet but that would be nice’’ she replied

‘’Ok not a problem, I’m truly sorry I asked the way I did. Please forget I asked. I’m sorry’’….I stammered

‘’Oh please, come on. You haven’t done anything wrong and I’m not offended you asked, on the contrary. Send me the address and I’ll book a flight for Friday’’

Could this be true? The same Ene? ‘The Same Ene that doesn’t and will never like me?’

‘’There won’t be a need for my address, I’ll come pick you at the airport’’

‘’That’d be so nice’’ she said

Friday became the most anticipated day of my life.
She landed at the airport and I went to pick her and truthfully, I was excited she came.  The feeling of seeing her was simply inexplicable. She complained about nearly everything but paramount was her dis-satisfaction for our airports; I listened with an attention meant for a blabbing toddler.

We got to my house and while she alighted from the car, I could visibly see the excitement on her face, one born out of surprise. It became obvious that all that matters to this despicable girl is wealth. Class to her is everything.

‘’wow, this place is beautiful’’

‘’Yea’’ I retorted ‘’It cost me a fortune too’’

‘’Needless to say that, I can imagine’’

She settled in and we began to play catch up from the last time and she told me about all of her experiences so far in the labor market and I listened with rapt attention.
I took her to a lounge a few minutes away from my house, had a few drinks, ate and laughed hard.
We retired home before midnight but something remarkable happened on our way.

Ene began by telling me how horny she was and how she’d love to ‘eat me raw’ and do all the nasty things I’d ever imagined. She placed her left hand on my lap while I drive and gradually moved it between my legs. She felt my hard-on and gently whispered.

‘’see how dangerously hard you are’’

Like one born into the game, she unzipped my jeans with so much dexterity. I was too perplexed to utter a word so I watched and savored every moment with enthusiasm.
She exposed my already rock-hard penis to the tiny world of the car and gently stroked it while looking into my eyes with such sensuality as would a dog on heat. She said repeatedly.

‘’ I just want to fuck you right now’’

I was too far gone to respond. She stooped and introduced my penis to the warmth of her mouth and all I could do was moan sheepishly while she gently and expertly moved her head back and forth sending a shiver too strong to endure. My mind drifted years back and the echoes of her words to me kept pouring in; ‘’I don’t like you and will never like you, not now, not anytime’’ but here I am a few years later with my penis in her mouth waiting to explode.

We got home and like two wild animals, dashed into the living room and practically yanked off our robes, she kissed me so passionately and took my hand, placed it between her legs and cried out

‘’please feel how wet you’ve made me’’.

I placed a finger right on the tip of her vagina and she moaned so loud I thought my neighbors would hear. There was little or no time for rational thinking so the thought that I have a bed in a room called the bedroom was too much thinking for us to do so we made use of the sofa in the living room. Good thing I had a condom in my wallet. It felt a lot like paradise being inside her; here I was having perhaps the most unexpected day of my life.

It was good. Finally! What next now?

Ene began to see herself as my girlfriend but my thought towards her were vindictive. Now I’m caught in a cross road; more like being between the sea and a pride of lion.

She’s gone back to Lagos but my phone won’t stop ringing with calls from her.

I reached for my phone and sent her this message.

‘Thank you Ene for showing me how beautiful it is to pursue one’s career rather than girls. Because of you, I worked hard to become who I am today……remember these words you said to me close to my house at locust housing estate some years ago?’
“Let me state this very carefully and hopefully I never get to repeat it again, I don’t like you, I’ll never like and worse still, I’ll never think of liking you, not now, not any time soon and never”?


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