It’s been over two weeks now but my heart still bleeds from a revelation that’s redefining  my existence. I got my hands soiled and my life has suddenly taken a spin for the worse.

‘What do I do? How do I confront her? What would the world say?’

These and many more questions scramble in my head for prominence.

‘’Did I bring this upon myself, how could I have been this blind?’’

I sat staring at the report on my desk in total oblivion of the content there-in. Three days on and my hitherto efficient work ethics had gradually degenerated into a shadow of itself. Worse still is that everyone around me seem to have noticed. Only today, Teni, my secretary asked if everything was ok.

I have to expediently do something about this or else, I’d most likely die of a heart related issue.

Again, my mind drifted away in thoughts…

Five years ago on a bus on my way to my work place in Victoria Island, I met Nonye. I sat alone on a dual seat and this pretty, slim lady, with eyes like a gazelle and pretty long legs that’d force a stare from a monk walked in. I smiled and looked straight into her eyes for a possible contact but she walked without as much as a glance towards me. She went straight for the vacant seat on the right wing of the bus. She sat meticulously and maintained a straight face for a minute or two before something remarkable happened. The rather heavily built man seated beside her dozed off and leaned his head on her shoulder. She was apparently startled. She looked around for a vacant seat elsewhere when it became obvious that she may suffer a droopy shoulder from the man’s weight on her. I looked away at that point knowing the seat beside me was the only vacant one. She stood up and as imagined, walked to mine and sat beside me. For a while, we sat without a word and I broke the silence when she brought out one of Sidney Sheldon’s books.

‘’Nice book, great suspense’’ I said.

She turned, smiled and said ‘’I just started reading it’’

‘’You’d love it’’

‘’I can imagine’’ she retorted modestly

I didn’t say a word to her for a better part of the journey largely because I wasn’t comfortable with the rather cold response I got from her and the fear of being disrespected.

‘’I hate this traffic today’’ she said, rather to herself

I didn’t say a word

‘’Can’t this government just do something about this?’’ she continued but this time looking at me and waiting for a response

‘’I guess they’re not interested in our wellbeing.’’ I replied with a bit of an attitude

‘’yea’’ she responded and kept quiet.

We both kept mum all through the journey. We alighted at CMS bus stop and I hurriedly walk to take a connecting bus to Victoria Island. I boarded a Victoria Island bound bus and a few seconds later, Nonye was on board the same bus, she saw me and said ‘’you again’’. I smiled while she took a seat next to me.

‘’Where exactly are you going?’’ she asked

‘’Victoria Island’’ I asnwered

‘’Why do I think you’re giving me attitude’’ she questioned

‘’You started it’’

‘’oh!!’’ She exclaimed ‘’Now I understand’’ She laughed so hard as though trying to be cynical

‘’You’re very funny sir’’ she said and continued ‘’my name is Nonye and you’re?’’

‘’I’m Sam’’

‘’Sam the vex vex master’’ she said amidst laughter

We got talking and exchanged numbers.

Twenty months later, Nonye and I in the full glare of family and friends, well-wishers, haters and a priest were pronounced, husband and wife.

Ours was a union literarily made from heaven. All was beautiful until lucifa left his dooms-abode and lead my pretty mother in-law into our home.

My mother in-law was to live with us for 2 weeks.

She started by making the best meals ever. We returned from work every evening to meet the most delicious meals ever. It was a huge break from the hurriedly prepared meals by my wife every evening after a stressful day. I was glad she came.

A week into her visit, I began my annual leave. I was in no mood to go on a vacation so I resolved to spend all of it reading and watching movies. It was my time to rest.

Naturally, my mother in-law became my best companion. We would gist about everything and I began to see her differently. I should quickly state here that she’s a fairly young woman, precisely 39 years old. She’s an older version of Nonye, very eloquent and vast in political matters, a sharp contrast from Nonye. We became so close that we began to discuss intimate topics.

One afternoon while in the living room watching a movie, she walked in from her room, in a white, transparent robe and asked.

“The tooth paste in my bathroom is finished, may I take the one in yours?’’

‘’Yes please’’ I answered looking at her with rapt attention.

She saw me staring, smiled seductively and walked away.

That became the moment I created a veritable dwelling place for the devil and he did live and operate well in me.

She was billed to leave two days later but I decided to ask her to extend her stay

‘’I’d undoubtedly miss your cooking and the beautiful company when you leave’’

‘’I could stay a few more days if you want, after all, my husband isn’t around yet and I really do not have a reason to hurry back’’ she replied

This is looking better than I anticipated. I thought to my self

‘’That’s extremely great and I’d want you to be the one to tell Nonye’’

My wife got back from work at her usual late hour but just in time to meet her mom before she retires to bed.

‘’Mama I’m surprised you’re still awake’’

‘’Yes I am. I waited to see you and inform you that I’m due back in two days since we rarely see because of your work’’

‘’oh mummy I am sorry’’ Nonye cried out ‘’I don’t think you should leave just yet after all daddy is not around. You should stay for two more weeks, at least’’

Nonye turned to me and asked….’’Honey, please beg my mum to stay’’

‘’Mummy pleaaaaaaase stay’’ I said sarcastically

‘’Ok no problem, I will’’ she replied

Mama retired to bed while Nonye went to our room to freshen up.

Next day, while in one of my afternoon movie ritual sessions, she walked up to and sat beside me. She enquired what the title of the movie was.

I told her and told her the synopsis. We sat there watching until it got to a scene where a romantic gesture began. Momentarily I was embarrassed until she asked subtly.

‘’don’t you feel bad that your wife is away all day and you don’t see or have her when you want?’’

‘’I’ve become used to it’’ I answered

‘’don’t you feel the urge to go after one of those cute young ladies around?’’

I smiled, turned to her and replied.

“I prefer the older ones with sexy bodies like yours’’

‘’oh yeaaa, smooth operator’’ she said, smiling

At that point, it became apparent that we both wanted the same thing.

She stood up, went to the door and turned the key. She walked back to me and said

‘’I want to experience how you serenade the older, sexy ladies like me’’

‘’well, I haven’t but I’m willing to learn from one of the sexiest ladies in her late thirties’’

‘’And I’m as hell willing to be your teacher. Just relax and watch me take you on a journey of a life time’’

‘’I’m not going to move an inch’’ I responded

She did take me on a journey of a life time. We had sex multiple times and she wanted more. That became probably the most amazing sex I’ve had.

For the rest of my days at home, we’d have sex all day. With her, there was no room for exhaustion. It was simply amazing, anxiety-filled but passionate. I loved and enjoyed every moment with her until she broke to me, perhaps the most intriguing news.

‘’I think I’m in love with you and I can’t hide it anymore. I’ve been in love with you since the first day I met you and as it stands, I’m not ashamed to tell the whole world, regardless of the consequences’’

I was shocked to my bones but tried not to show it. I smiled and said subtly.

‘’you can’t possibly be serious’’

‘‘…..and I can’t possibly be joking about something this serious’’ she retorted

‘’I don’t know what to say to your being in love with me but I’m sure you know that it’s madness to as much as insinuate that you do not care how the world sees this’’

‘’Well, I’m tired of living in fear and placing premium on what people think. It’s time I began to do what makes me happy.’’

‘’I am married to your daughter and you do not care about that or are you equally implying that her happiness doesn’t mean a thing to you?’’

‘’Well at this point, frankly, I do not care. My happiness doesn’t mean a thing to her either, so why should hers matter to me?’’

‘’What in God’s name was that about’’ I queried

There’s so much you have to know about Nonye, she isn’t the saint like she claims, matter of fact, she’s demon personified’’

Now my state has gone beyond perplexity to total confusion.

‘’ I’m beginning to get scared. That’s your daughter you’re referring to ma’am’’

‘’I don’t care; she doesn’t treat me like her mother so I do not have any business treating her like a daughter. Nonye does have sex with my husband any and every time the opportunity presents itself’’

‘’What the hell are you talking about’’ I queried

‘’Oh you have no idea what level of bitterness I have wrapped up in this tiny heart of mine. There’s so much you do not know about her and I’m willing to tell you. Chijioke is not Nonye’s biological father. I got pregnant for some other man while I was dating Chijioke. I was so ashamed and worried about what people would say so I lied to Chijioke that I was pregnant for him. I was only 15. Chijioke took the news with such levity and calm that I kept wondering what he had in mind. He was practically compelled to marry me and that became the greatest undoing of my life. Seventeen years into the marriage, Chijioke and I couldn’t make babies and efforts to make Chijioke visit a gynecologist were repeatedly thwarted.’’

‘’ One evening’’ she continued ‘’ I got back from the market and caught Chijioke and Nonye in bed naked, Nonye was asleep so she didn’t see or hear me walk in. Chijioke jumped off the bed, apparently startled by my entrance. I almost screamed but Chijioke grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to the living room and threatened to tell the whole world that the child I have isn’t his because he knew way before he married me that he couldn’t impregnate a woman. I went into a state of shock and utter disbelief as he continued to tell me the story-for-the-gods. Then he concluded by telling me that Nonye is aware too and that I shouldn’t think of intimidating or harassing her in anyway because that’d be met with great repercussions. For five years, I lived with the knowledge that my husband was sleeping with my daughter who knows that my husband isn’t her father right under my nose. Those periods were the most harrowing times for me. I carry a large hole in my heart till this day but I’m determined to change all that’’

‘How could this be true? How can a mother tell such a lie against her child because of another man?’ I pondered on the revelation for near-eternity.

‘’She still have sex with him whenever she comes to visit us and it may surprise you to know that she did last month when she came to visit’’ she added

Nonye knew something was bothering me when she got back from the office. She enquired fruitlessly. I couldn’t tell her what I’d heard about her because knowing who she is; nothing would come out of it.

My mother in-law left for Ibadan where she resides with her husband and I was left alone with a woman who probably has been deceiving me from the very bus I met her.

I resolved to carry out my investigation with the hope that mama isn’t pouring out venom from the well of the hate she carries for Nonye.

Two weeks later, I invited Papa to come for an important visit and be ready to stay with us for at least two days.

I made certain the house was wired before he arrived and I asked my wife to take the Friday off and take care of him.

Right before me now is a tape containing the most obscene enactment of what could only have been seen in a porn video.

It’s pointless telling you that what my mother in-law said was true.

‘How do I confront Nonye and what’d family, friends, foes and the rest of the world say when they find out the truth and of course they will?’


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