She sped so fast past Newton Bank’s armored truck and made sure she was noticed by the occupants.

She stopped at the light at 3rd street and Billington Avenue just in time for the armored truck to make it’s stop.
It was a routine, the time hadn’t changed for two years since the new multipurpose armored truck was acquired by the bank. The security chief had suggested a one time cash pick up from the bank.

The armored truck was a relief; less security entourage and better assurance of cash delivery.

She looked at Joe, who was shamelessly staring at her and smiled.

“Mehn, did you see how pretty that lady is” Joe
asked André, the driver.

“She’s way off your league unless you plan to rob the bank” Andre teased.

“Hahahahaha, you’re so silly. You never can tell dude, miracles do happen”

“Yea right!”

The green light came on and once again, she looked at Joe but this time with a smile and a flirtatious wink….and then accelerated so fast.

“She winked at me” Joe said excitedly.

“What the hell is chasing her and why’s she driving like a wild beast?” Andre asked.

“Perhaps trying to meet her goal for the day and come look for me” Joe said amidst laughter.

“Dreamer” screamed André

Two miles later, Andre spotted a red car just like the one driven by the woman at a deserted road with a dangerous bend. She’d just had a crash and she was flung to the middle of the road covered in her own blood.

“Joe look” Andre screamed. “That’s the lady from the light”

“Oh no, this is terrible, please call 911”

“We have to stop and help her, I don’t think she’s going to make it if she has to wait for the response team”

“You know I can’t pull over here, you pretty much understand that that is absolutely against our policy”

“Oh come on Andre, you sure as hell not asking us to leave this lady here, please let’s at least take
her off the road so no other car runs her over”

“I don’t feel good about this but I guess I can give you a minute to do that”

Andre stopped, opened the code operated door and let Joe out.
Joe dashed towards her and in a flash, two masked men with assault rifle stepped out of the woods.
André tried to close the door but was overwhelmed by the men who pulled him down and shot him in the leg.
One of the men jumped on the driver seat, broke the camera lens in the truck with his riffle. The woman and the second man hurried to the car and drove off.

The truck was driven into the carriage section of a waiting 32 feet haulage truck a few meters off the bend and an unnumbered truck drives right behind the armored truck.
It all happened in 3minutes.
Joe still had his phone in his hand; Andre snatched it and called 911.

“Hello, we’ve just been robbed. Our, I mean, the bank’s armored truck had just been taken from us. I’m the driver and my name is Andre. We are at the bend by carrington”

A third man in the haulage truck yanked the tracker off the armored truck and the truck driver stopped momentarily letting out the man who got into a blue Ford Taurus car parked at the corner of the road. He drives towards east while the truck changed route back towards the scene of the heist.
The police detected the tracker. A helicopter and a legion of ground security operatives were deployed. Still picking the moving tracker, they moved in.

The driver of the Ford stopped at an intersection and threw the tracking device in a garbage truck. He made a turn at the next exit, his job done.

All access roads 20miles radius of the crime scene were placed under what could best be described as the largest police siege in the world.

It would be an embarrassment to the bank, the police and the manufacturer of the much rated armored truck.

The red car was driven into an under-ground bunker underneath a small farm house in the woods, while both occupants drove off in a rather humble Toyota Corolla car.
The haulage truck made it through the three heavily mounted police check points and drove straight into a warehouse at central just beside Newton bank’s corporate headquarters which shares a common boundary with the central police station a few meters away.

The warehouse belongs to Perez Mendez, a renowned paper merchant. He supplies paper to most of the organizations in the city including the police and the bank.
He had gone on his usual vacation to his farm house in the neighboring town and was billed to return in a week.

An hour before the heist, two gun men had abducted him and had forced him to call the head of inventory at his warehouse to allow a truck bringing in his supplies from the port. They’d also made him call his wife to notify her of his intention to have a long, uninterrupted rest. It was easy. They were going to remain his guests until the deal was concluded.

Mr. Perez had been made to divert all his calls to his secretary’s; a thing he does often anyway. He had only his private number with just three contacts, his wife and his two kids.
The haulage truck had made a brief stop a few miles away from the warehouse and had let in four men into the haulage compartment.

The driver signed the delivery register at the gate and left the warehouse. It was a few minutes to closing.

“My men will be here tomorrow to offload the truck, right now I’m too knackered to do anything”

“I understand bro. You run along and get some rest, got to be home in time to play with my daughter anyway.” The warehouse manager responded.



The warehouse closed a few minutes later.
Both trucks in the haulage truck were driven out.

The four men swung into action, it was going to be the most successful heist in history, right under the noses of everyone with huge pride about the safety of the city.

Ayo, the mastermind behind the entire plan couldn’t help but grin with satisfaction.

“Twenty years from now, I’ll make a movie out of this. I may spend a few years in prison but will be as big as Pablo Escobar” He said subtly.

He is a pro at cracking codes so it wasn’t going to be an issue cracking this one.

He had everyone go silent while he meticulously figured the code to the vault. The vault had eleven combinations and Ayo had cracked nine, he was in the tenth and still wore the grin; he was proud of himself. He looked at the other men and watched as they stared at him in awe.
There was sweat on his fingers. It is a very slow and tasking process and requires utmost concentration.
He had gotten to the last cycle to crack the tenth code and his fingers slipped from the sweat and passed.
The automatic ‘shut-down’ system, ASS, was activated. They had to wait for an hour to start again.

The vault had been designed that way and only two people have the code to deactivate the ASS, the chairman of the bank and the head engineer, Armored Vault Company.
It was only an hour and this time he was going to get it right; he was going to be very careful.

Toure and Xavier decides to sit for a bit. They climbed the armored truck and just as Xavier sat down, the heavy door closed.
Toure tried to open his side of the door but couldn’t, Xavier tried to open his too but could not. The doors were automatically locked. The oxygen button came on and two masks, like the ones on the plane were revealed, both men grabbed them and placed on their nose.
They banged on the doors from inside and attracted Ayo and Abdul. They tried to open the door from outside but could not.
The oxygen timer was lit, indicating that they had four hours of oxygen left. It was only 8:23pm. There’s enough time to pull this off and be out with the cash before morning.

Ayo went for the vault again and this time, in a little less than an hour, he cracked the eleven codes and opened the vault, it was a great feat but there was no plan of leaving anyone behind so the next assignment was to try to open the doors.
They tried with different tools available but were unsuccessful.

Ayo decided to go with the timing while they figure a way to let the men out. They had to be out of the warehouse before midnight.
They loaded the unmarked truck with the cash and loaded papers from the warehouse on the cash. Everything was going as planned but for the locked doors.
Abdul drove the truck through the back gate and parked on a spot about fifty meters away from the police station. It’s a spot where trucks that came in late waited to be offloaded the next morning. It was a perfect plan. Several police cars were parked just beside it too.

The plan was to leave the truck there all night and be there a few minutes before the warehouse manager arrives and drive it off to safety.
Ayo had stuffed a few bundles of dollars in his jean pockets. He went for a sledge hammer and began hitting on the glass. He succeeded in cracking it a few minutes later.
That was only good enough to allow for fresh air into the truck to buy Toure and Xavier more time. The opening was too small for Toure’s head and too small for Xavier’s huge body.; they were trapped.

Ayo suggested they wait a few hours to see if it would unlock itself.
The truck was designed to stay automatically locked for three hours provided the oxygen isn’t manually turned off without first opening the door.
Both men took off the oxygen mask and cut out the oxygen. The truck went into perpetual lock mode.

The designer had anticipated that the first thing a panic occupant would do would be to break the window to buy more time. It was a perfect thought.

No one but the custodians of the premium code, the chairmen of banks and the chief Engineer, had a knowledge of this.

They had to be out of the warehouse before midnight to allow Ayo and Xavier resume work to allay any suspicion.

At Perez’s house, the abductors were becoming increasingly apprehensive. The wait for the call that’d confirm that they’d succeeded was taking too long.
At 12:23am, Abdul began to crack; the much displayed macho had sublimed, his frail self became apparent.

“Guys I’m getting a bad feeling about this whole shit. I’ve got to be outta here. It’s getting fucking creepy. Can we just leave these motherfucking suckers, take what we can from the goddanmed truck and leave the country tonight? I don’t wanna have to go back to jail bro”

“Calm down Abdul” Ayo advised

“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down sucker!”

He kept pacing as though trying to figure who he was. His mind reenacting the decadence in the prison and how huge and fierce the prison bars were.

Ayo kept his cool, trying so hard to figure what could be done; his mind was on pause.

It was 3:42am. They had to make a decision and fast.

Abdul walked a few distance away, climbed on a stacked paper roll, pulled out his cigaret, lit it and took a deep drag; it felt heavenly. He took a longer drag, lifted his face as though gazing into the ceiling and let out a concentrated smoke directly into the smoke detector…….he jumped off the paper roll from fright prompted by the blaring fire alarm.

The game is up.

Ayo and Abdul reached for the rear exit and briskly walked away leaving the screaming duo of Xavier and Toure still trapped in the truck.

The fire team arrived.

Abraham, the fire chief picked up his phone, dialed a number and continued…. “Detective, there’s something you’ve got to see here……”


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