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HAPPINESS is indeed a choice……

A friend invited me to a dinner with a millionaire family.
It was indeed a beautiful family, the first thing you’d notice as you step into their home is that simplicity, love and peace they share. They smiled repeatedly and couldn’t hide their joy in having us around. We talked about a lot and he told us this beautiful story.

“Ten years ago when we were going to get married, we invited a renowned wedding planner, flew her in from Oklahoma to discuss the wedding. We were going to have a presidential wedding(he smiled and looked at his wife proudly). It was going to be the biggest wedding in California. The wedding planner estimated the wedding would cost between $1.5m-$2m, we were excited because I’d thought it would cost about $3m.
We agreed on her fee and so we had a drink to it; everything is falling into place…I was going to get married to the love of my life and Ofcos we were going to have the most beautiful wedding in the city, with the biggest names in the country in attendance.

A few hours later, I noticed that my fiancĂ© was moody, I asked why and she suggested we seek out intelligent kids around California who are incapable of going to college because of finance and ensure that they do, with all the money intended to host ‘rich people’ on our wedding day.
We had a small wedding right here in our home with our family and friends and our lovely pastor present. We spent a little over $2000, we’d gone to the store to shop for all we needed, together. It was the most beautiful shopping we ever had, it was full of laughter as we went for the best prices only, comparing the best prices in all the stores(he giggled).
We spent quality time, of course with our cook, making our cake, washing the vegetables, making the steaks, arranging the wines and glasses and cleaning the kitchen together; it was beautiful.

The money meant for the wedding was used as planned afterwards and today, that little decision has produced a host of great professionals and given hope to those who ordinary would never have had it…..the most beautiful thing however is that, we are happier than we ever could have being….at least now I know that happiness is a choice, thanks to my lovely wife”. (she smiled and it spelt; FULFILLMENT.

Hey guys, this is just a family and their decision. It doesn’t and shouldn’t define yours, you can buy the biggest cars, the most expensive wines, the biggest house with the most expensive interiors and you can have the biggest wedding in Dubai, Paris etc and stay in the most expensive hotels in the world….it’s your hard earned money and it’s ultimately your decision on how you spend it but just don’t forget to touch ‘a life’ and be sure that all of these brings you happiness and fulfillment. Ciao!

#HappinessIsAChoice #BeWise

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